Blind judging

The Lash World Cup is a professionally organized event where the highest quality standards are in effect.

We strive to make the judging process as honest and transparent as possible. This is achieved by 100% anonymization of the entire process. Each model will get a random number and each judge will take care of part of the total score. All scores are recorded digitally using a specially developed app which is running on the iPad of each judge. Once a score is entered it can not be changed anymore. There is no way a judge can know which lash stylist treated which model, so the process is completely honest and anonymous. By using the digital app we have completely abandoned written forms and because of that the possibility of fraud or calculation errors has been ruled out completely.

Of course the scores will be made available to all participants after the event has ended, so you will get a 100% honest review of your work, done by the top judges in the industry.

Step 1: Selecting a category

The judge will select a category for which he or she is judging models. They can only select categories for which they are approved. In this case the only category is Lash Lifting.

Step 2: Selecting a model

The judge can now select any of the models that are participating in the selected category. Models are numbered at random and are assigned a letter correspondig with the category.

Step 3: Assigning points

After selecting a model, the judge can assign points for the criteria for which they are approved. Different judges will judge different criteria within the same category. Points can only be assigned once.

Step 4: Confirming points

After the points are assigned, the judge can confirm their choice. After confirmation, no changes can be made.

Step 5: Confirmation

Models can only be judged once. Whenever the judge opens the same model again, it will show a warning that tells the judge the model has already been judged.

Step 6: Next model

The overview also show which model has been judged already. The process will start again, the judge can now select another model to judge.

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