Represent your country

Extra nominations for country honour

Additional to the 6 standard nominations, the country battle will be held consisting of teams that were set up by the lash stylists themselves and which are based on nationality according to the rules of the game *)

You can choose to compete with your collegeaus from your country.

No matter if you are a master or expert, all contestants from 1 country can make teams. Each team will have a maximum of 4 contestants. It is not possible to compete with 2 or 3 team members. Each team has to consist of 4 member.

If there are more than 4 available people we can make more teams. It is possible that for example Belgium has more teams than other countries. The team with the most points representing a country will be the winner of the country competition for that country.

The criteria for master and expert and all nominations are all 105 so we will count all the points of the members of your team during the 2 days. If you compete in more nominations, we will count your points of the nominations for which you have the highest score. Example: you compete in lash lifting and classic. Your score is 80 for lash lifting and 90 for classic. We will use your classic points for your team.

Members of your team can be your colleagues in your company or colleagues of another company in your country. Collect your lash friends in your country and share your passion with the rest of the world.

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